What is EB-5?

American Gateway Regional Centers (AGRC) offers immigrant investors the opportunity to obtain a permanent Green Card and a new life in the United States through the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services Employment-Based Fifth Preference (USCIS EB-5) program. To obtain the visa, individuals must invest in businesses or projects that create jobs in the United States.

Under the EB-5 program, foreign investors make capital contributions in the amount of either $500,000 to $1,000,000 in projects, depending on the business or project area. If the investment is in a “Targeted Employment Area” (TEA) or in a “Rural Area” (RA) the investment requirement is $500,000, while $1,000,000 is needed for projects in non-TEA/RA locations.

The EB-5 program provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Path to US citizenship for applicants & their immediate families
  • Live, work, study and retire anywhere in the United States
  • Ability to sponsor green cards for relatives
  • No language or sponsorship requirement
  • Access to US colleges & schools
  • Access to a variety of US investment opportunities in business & real estate

EB-5 Visa Process

Foreign investors must meet certain conditions before qualifying for the program. First, investors must establish that they are “qualified investors”. After meeting this qualification, EB-5 participants make an investment into a project or business and file an I-526 Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur, initializing the US green card application process. After the I-526 is approved by the USCIS, investors begin visa processing through the National Visa Center (NVA). Alternatively, immigrant investors who already reside in the US may file an I-485 petition to adjust their status to lawful residency.

Once visa processing is complete, EB-5 investors gain conditional permanent resident status in the US for an interim period, meaning investors and their families are entitled to the same benefits as other lawful permanent residents. At the end of the interim period, AGRC assists help clients’ immigration attorneys file an I-829 petition to remove conditions on their green card, which in turn allows them to permanent resident status in the United States.